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Published Date : 28-Sep-2007
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Selling Dwelling: Keep it simple

Explaining specialty dwelling insurance to a customer is not easy. Try this. Give your customer an easy-to-understand, short description of the program. Then present the program’s benefits by linking it to their circumstances.

Here are a few ideas:

“This Specialty Homeowners program fits between a basic fire policy and a traditional homeowners policy. It’s a good fit for your needs because . . . .”

“Many insurance carriers avoid vacant properties, and even penalize your coverage if the vacancy extends. We offer a program that understands the special needs of a vacant property. It will work for you because . . . .”

“Rental or seasonal homes, even in excellent condition, often do not meet the underwriting guidelines for a standard homeowners policy. This DP-3 program’s coverage matches how you plan to use this home because . . . .”

It’s a simple approach that eases your customer into the details and minimizes the confusing jargon.

Not all products available in all states.


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